Comfortable office chair

Comfortable office chair: which criteria to take into account?

The sitting position is not natural in humans. However, for some of us, we stay more than 9 hours a day. This can jeopardize your health, hence the importance of choosing a comfortable office chair. But how can I be sure he is? Make sure it meets all the criteria we will list!

Target your needs

There is no such thing as a comfortable universal office chair, but one that is adapted to your needs and your business is why there are many office chairs on JPG.

Indeed, your needs are different if you work in a laboratory, in front of an architect’s table or in front of a desk facing a screen. Your activity will be more or less static depending on your occupation and the degree of comfort expected from your chair differs depending on that.

A comfortable office chair is ergonomic

Ergonomics is defined as the adaptation of your work environment, which includes your seat among others, to you, the user. To have an ergonomic position, it is necessary that your chair allows you to move because it promotes good blood circulation. Similarly, a comfortable office chair allows you to lean backwards which has the effect of relaxing the intervertebral discs and thus relieve your muscle tension.

To be qualified ergonomic, your chair must allow you to adopt the ideal position to know:

  • A distance between the eye and the screen greater than 40 cm.
  • The back is well against the backrest.
  • The backrest should be adjustable and positioned properly to support the lumbar and pelvis.
  • Use the backrest support when you are in the bottom of the seat.
  • The forearms should be horizontal and form a 90 angle with the elbow.
  • The desk should be 10 cm above the knees and these should be at a 90 angle so that there is no pressure in the popliteal fossa.
  • The feet should lie flat on the ground or on a footrest if necessary.
  • It is by respecting these criteria that you will have a comfortable and ergonomic office chair. You can keep your position for several hours without seeing pain appear which makes you much more productive and improves the well being of your employees.

Morphology: a non-negligible criterion

To choose a comfortable business office chair, you must take into account your morphology so that it fits perfectly. In any case, the seat of your chair should be facing downwards for proper support of the vertebrae. If it is straight, the blood circulation in the legs is not done properly. For better support of the vertebrae, some models have shock absorbers.

In addition, the folder must envelop you so that you feel comfortable. Similarly, it is important that it has armrests. These greatly relieve the muscles of the top.

It is therefore necessary to choose the seat that will meet these criteria according to your own morphology.

The time you spend in front of your office

The last criterion to consider when choosing a comfortable office chair is its daily use. So, if you spend less than 4 hours a day, move towards a tilting centered model that allows the backrest and the seat to tilt while maintaining an angle that accompanies your movements. Beyond this, it is advisable to opt for a rocking model offset axis whose axis of rotation is moved forward for permanent contact of the feet with the ground.