How to manage your e-mails to gain productivity?

Have you definitely abandoned the idea of ​​classifying your e-mails and you are crumbling under a mound of spam? You are many in this case, but know that the situation is not desperate. Here are our tips to better manage your e-mails daily to get your head out of the water … And gain productivity.

We had already discussed the subject of prospecting by e-mail (with examples to support it). But after asking the question to those around us, we realized that for many freelancers and entrepreneurs, the management of e-mails is a problem in itself.

Sort your emails, but in an automated way!
Let’s be honest: we all have an unfortunate tendency to stack messages in our inboxes. For some of us, the only action we deign to achieve is often their removal (by a shift to the left, just as good as to reset a profile on Tinder …). For others, inaction is required until the storage space allocated by our supplier is exhausted (which happens – let’s face it – less and less often).

Yet, the benefits to being rigorous in the management of his messages are numerous:

  • To avoid forgetting to answer an important e-mail (if if … The one you marked with a flag two weeks ago but which is found engulfed under a lot of newsletters).
  • To optimize the tracking of your client files. An unpaid invoice? A customer who does not answer? If you spend 10 minutes to find your last exchanges … The loss of time is not negligible.
  • To have a more serene management of your activity. A messy messaging is often a reflection of a rather chaotic management of your customer relationship, a situation in which you suffer more than you anticipate.
  • For all these reasons, we advise you to take over your management of e-mails, following two complementary logic: a manual processing by project, completed by an automated classification.

Our first tip: sort your messages by project. Mirroring the folder you create on your computer to sort your client files (or your billing tool), create an email folder for each client (and possibly subfolders that correspond to each project) . It’s up to you to adopt the right naming convention to find yourself … and stick to it! After a period to define (for example one year), you can easily archive these messages.

Sorting your e-mail does not necessarily mean dealing with it manually one after the other … Venturing in this way can quickly become disastrous as the task is time-consuming! Fortunately, most mail clients propose the implementation of “rules” to automatically classify their messages according to several criteria that you have previously defined: address of the sender, keyword contained in the email, etc.

Separate the pro from the perso to not let you invade

In everyday life, the solicitations by e-mail are numerous. It can become dangerous for your business if you get distracted: promotions, incentives to buy, social network notifications, etc. If your important e-mails are drowned among the newsletters that call your attention and interrupt you too often in your work, your concentration is put to a severe test.

For all these reasons, you should rather partition your different mailboxes clearly distinguishing what is your professional profile and the rest. Quit “unplugging” your personal box when you really need to focus. A good practice is to create two e-mail addresses, one for each profile. Note however that an alternative is available, especially at Gmail, where it is possible to create as many aliases as you want, on a single address, adding a + followed by your custom label.

For example, e-mails sent to [email protected] or [email protected] will land on the same address: [email protected] Convenient, because it allows you to create filters to automatically classify messages according to the address you have sent to your recipients, while remaining in the interface of Gmail.

If you have a website with your own domain name, we strongly advise you to opt for a business address associated with your online identity. You will have a personalized e-mail address … That will not fail to arouse the curiosity of your interlocutors and thus generate traffic on your site, while giving credibility to your messages.

Get rid of spam that pollutes your daily life

According to the studies, the numbers differ. Spam represents between 55 and 95% of the total e-mail traffic worldwide. But the perception of Internet users is diminished by the action of anti-spam filters (which intervene before the message is redirected in your folder of junk mail). Reducing the “noise” generated by these unsolicited messages has become a major issue, for the self-employed but also for companies who obviously want to ensure the security of their information system and protect the mailboxes of their employees.

Apart from the pollution phenomenon that is wasting time, spam is also synonymous with risk for your computer security: phishing attempts, scam emails, identity theft, virus transmission, etc. What to think twice before considering a message as definitely reliable.

To protect yourself from the invasion of spammers, you can of course be content with the integrated anti-spam by default in your email provider, but often (and especially if your mailbox is managed by a host like OVH or Gandi), the detection of fraudulent e-mails is not efficient enough.

This is why we advise you to try a dedicated protection software solution. The antispam and email security solution Altospam is “made in France” and clearly stands out. Concretely, Altospam comes to position itself before the reception servers of your mail, in order to do the cleaning. And the result is to say the least effective: most unsolicited emails are discarded before landing in your box, with a very low false-positive rate (less than 0.01%).

Altospam allows an advanced setting of the anti-spam filters, by proposing for example to establish a whitelist of safe addresses and in parallel, a list of addresses to blacklist, never to hear about it again. If you have a doubt about what is being filtered, do not panic. The interface – particularly nice – allows you to view rejected emails and refine your preferences.